4 ways to contribute to the community for a software developer

If you are a software professional and looking for something new to start here are the 4 things to try for!

1. Attend a community event or user group gettogether or local meetup

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2. Answer questions at the stackoverflow or contribute to support forums

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3. Share your experience via blog or twitter or other forums with the community.

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4. Contribute to opensource 

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When to stay with modular monoliths over microservices

We have seen the developments in the microservices architecture maturing, where by more and more people are trying to evaluate the benefits before jumping on to the unknown trajectory.

In the talk titled When to stay with modular monoliths over microservices at Oracle Code, Bangalore, I tried to discuss these points. You can view the slides below.

According to me, Over simplified version of decision tree come down to two criteria's, Business Context & Relative Scaling. I tried to explore the same in my presentation. As Martin Fowler puts it, you shouldn't start a new project with microservices, even if you're sure your application will be big enough to make it worthwhile.

Here is a link to the YouTube Recording of the session. Let me know what you think about these topics.